Decision Support System for Property Insurance Selection Using Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) Method

  • Anggraini Kusumaningrum Adisutjipto Institute of Aerospace Technology
  • Astika Ayuningtyas Adisutjipto Institute of Aerospace Technology
  • Leonardo Tampubolon Adisutjipto Institute of Aerospace Technology
  • Setiawan
  • Haruno Sajati Adisutjipto Institute of Aerospace Technology
  • Mardiana Irawaty Adisutjipto Institute of Aerospace Technology
Keywords: Decision Support System, Simple Additive Weighting (SAW), Property Insurance


Every human being cannot predict what events will happen to him, whether natural disasters or non-natural disasters that can befall his property assets. Property insurance is a type of protection for property assets such as houses, apartments, and offices. The goal is to anticipate financial losses due to unexpected events that befall your property. Data such as Risk-Based Capital (RBC) is needed in choosing a property insurance company, the amount of premium, insurance coverage, and the premium period as a material consideration in making decisions. In implementing the Property Insurance Selection Decision Support System Application using the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method, the user determines the main priority weights from the predetermined criteria, from the results of determining the priority weights, a recommendation for property insurance companies is obtained which is desired by the property owner from the calculation results, it can be concluded that the average calculation speed of the application of 30 experimental sample data is 1264 ms or 1.264s

Author Biography

Astika Ayuningtyas, Adisutjipto Institute of Aerospace Technology

Informatic program study


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Kusumaningrum, A., Ayuningtyas, A., Tampubolon, L., Honggowibowo, A., Sajati , H., & Irawaty, M. (2021). Decision Support System for Property Insurance Selection Using Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) Method. International Journal of Engineering Technology and Natural Sciences, 3(2), 69 - 73.